The human musculoskeletal system is amazing machinery ( which is too simplified description ) designed to produce movement. Millions of years of hunting and fighting for survival have refined it to function with remarkable endurance, speed, strength, and precision of movement.

The man has survived and evolved by hunting and gathering, constantly moving, and being one with the nature. It was but 100 000 years ago agriculture and animal domestication emerged and man settled down, yet the connection with nature was still strong.

During the last few decades, the connection has been lost and we have gone through one of the most radical changes in the history of man. The modern means of travel, the internet, and globalization have made the word appear a smaller place and we have done a remarkably unnatural thing – we have sat down. At work and at leisure, we have all but stopped moving. We have forgotten our roots; we are part of nature and nature is part of us.

In a way, we are stuck in a body, which during millions of years has been refined through various physical challenges to this remarkable efficient machine designed to move. This machine, our body, is made of unique individual parts designed to serve as an integrated entity. In order for the whole to function in an ideal way, the individual parts must function with certain ease and efficiency and yet with adequate power. In this wonderful machine, we are trying to cope with the unbearable lightness of modern sedentary lifestyle.

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