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Stress and stress management have a critical impact on how to learn new things. Exercise, especially aerobic one, optimize the brain for learning. Optimize learning from a stress management perspective by reducing the stress response when balancing neural information regulators and in addition increases both brain neuroplasticity and neurogenesis. It is good to remember that our brains have, originally, developed very strongly for movement, because movement was essential for survival. Movement meant the opportunity to feed, collect, catch and then transport the food back to the tribe. The brain, its well-being, its ability to function and its development depend on movement and physical activity.

We: Professionals in Coaching, Exercise, Rehabilitation, Healthcare, Nursing, and Medical Professionals, in coaching as well as in rehabilitation, teach our clients new habits of move, new movement patterns. Very challenging learning for the client. Therefore, it is necessary to understand stress management, because in stress blood circulation and energy flow focus in to the lizard brain. That’s why associating new things with existing movement or thought patterns are extremely difficult. Because the brain focuses on coping with the threat. This leaves the other areas of brain , the neocortex, short of energy and with diminished function. The neocortex where cognition, information association and creative problem solving and learning take place doesn’t have a chance to function properly. To enable learning, the stress response should be physically relieved since it prepares us for physical action. 15-20 minutes light aerobic exercise is already sufficient to relieve the stress response and increase both neuroplasticity and neurogenesis. Neuroplasticity and genesis are physical manifestations of learning in the brain.

Learning means physically means making a new physical connection between nerve cells. The first time we learn a new thing, new connection is laid down between nerve cells, whether it’s a new idea, a foreign language word or a new business model…

Initially, the connection from a neuronal dendrite to a chemical junction and through a chemical junction to an axon to reach another nerve cell (neuron) is almost invisibly thin. When one wants to learn a new thing, one have to repeat it to get the electrical impulse to go through that physical and chemical connection. Just like every other structure in our system, structure that is used get’s stronger. The more the connection grows and strengthens, the easier the information will flow in that physical connection. The easier and faster the information passes, the easier it is to access the information.

In addition to the connection also the chemical junction, Synapse, in between dendritie and axon grows, strengthens and enhances. The most common idea is that Information is communicated electrically. But as science and understanding evolves, new idea that information would be a heat wave emerges. However, it still requires further research, so we still continue with the generally accepted electrical impulse.

When an electrical information impulse reaches a junction, Synaps, it must chemically cross over that junction. When the impulse arrives to the other side of the synapse, it transmits chemical mediators (mainly Glutamate, which is responsible for 80% of the brain’s information transfer) to the opposite side. On the opposite side, there are receptors, the recipients, to which Glutamate goes like a key in to the lock. Glutamate binds to the receptors, ion channels of the cells opens, which increases the voltage in the receptor side of the synapse. When the voltage gets high enough, an electrical impulse, i.e. information, continues to travel along the axon toward the neuron to which it connects. This creates an electrochemical bond, a connection which can be for example a new movement pattern of lunging in the motor cortex.

If the connection is repeated, not only will its cables grow, but also Synapses will grow and strengthen. The larger the Synapses, the more information can pass through and easier it is for information pass through. It is also essential for learning that the voltage on the receiving side of Synapses increases when the connection is used repeatedly. The higher the voltage, the more the receptors are attracting transmitters over the chemical gap. The more the transmitter is pulled over, the easier and quicker the information to gets through. In addition, the amount of neurotransmitters increases as a result of continuous use, further facilitating the flow of information.

Learning is a physical change in the brain. This phenomenon is called Long Term Potentiation. This phenomenon is the foundation of the physiology and anatomy of learning. It is based on the same phenomenon as any development in the body: “Use it or loose it”. What is used, loaded, evolves. What is not used is weakened and may be lost. The same goes for the physical connections, the structures, the brain. That is, it is a matter of putting the right stress on the structures. But just like muscles, bones, tendons, so does physical connections and structures in the brain deteriorate, if we can’t recover from the stress.

Without recovery, if stress is constant, structures will get overloaded and break down. Whether the stress on the brain is due to heavy physical activity, insomnia, poor nutrition or a flood of information the unrelenting stress destroys brain cells and physical connections. Constant stress literally destroys, shrinks the brain. That is why we need daily movement and light, low-intensity daily exercise to compensate for a life that is imperfect for our recovery. To relieve stress, to give brain structures time to recover and to strengthen, to develop …

Active recovery doesn’t only allow us to physically develop but creates foundation to learn. Foundation to change routines while allowing new thought and habitual patterns to grow in form of new physical connections in the brain…

…Our business in rehabilitation, in coaching and in medical industry is permanent routine changes for long term results…

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