Exercise may be medicine – foundational movement needs quality

Exercising is a medicine? It may or it may not be. Unfortunately, often it isn’t. one of the issues is how we move, yet we need to move and exercise to be able to stay healthy. Many of the injuries in the musculoskeletal system are due to our own postural and movement habits. If we move with those habits, then movement or exercise isn’t medicine; it’s enhancing the possibility for injuries because of increased loading and repetitions.

Health is the foundation for performance or can you imagine situation where performance could be developed in the long run if the health is lost – at least quite difficult if not even impossible. To create a base for health and therefore performance, movement and activity in daily living are one of the key factors. To create health through movement there needs to be enough quality and appropriate dosage of that quality movement.

​​it’s not about what you do, but HOW you do it….

Quality of the movement means appropriate habitual postural and movement patterns. Not only how do things in the training facilities but especially how we do them outside… in our daily living, in work, at home etc… Foundation for our performance is first the training for our normal daily living. Finding and consolidating foundational daily movement patterns.

When the foundation is solid enough we have possibility challenge our system with more complex exercises and movement patterns to create variation and different movement strategies for different situations and loading environment. In the big picture variation should be the only constant thing in our exercise and training, because lack of it means loss of adaptation which leads to an increase the risk of injuries.

But before variation, foundation is needed to minimize risk of an injury and to maximize performance

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