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Movement can be medicine with maximum performance: if the critical factors - Quality & Dosage - are appropriate - Join our workshops and on-line education to become specialist in preventing injuries and maximising performance.


Movement and exercise can act as a medicine! – if there is appropriate quality and dosage!

This site and the workshops and on-line workshops are created for professionals in the fields of: medicine, rehabilitation, healthcare, movement, exercise, coaching, manual therapy.

To be able function successfully specially in the long term, quality and dosage of the movement and exercise are critical factors.

QUALITY: quite a big portion of musculoskeletal problems arise from habitual movement and posture, specially if we top that up with the problematic dosage of the movement – to lack of movement and on the otherhand overuse of the movement.

Quality of the movement plays big role in recurring MSK problems, because in our sickcare system the main focus is still in the structural injury and the cause of that is neglected. The cause is quite often lack of quality in the movement, not always and not alone, but it still plays major role.

Funny thing is that same areas that are overloaded, having increased risk of an injury, are also leaking the performance due to the proportionate length of tissues and their ability to shear against eachother.

DOSAGE: another critical factor is the dosage of the movement and exercise – periodization and daily activity. Still generally in this planet, majority of the exercise and training concentrates on intensive and hard exercises to improve the tissues. Conrtadictory fact is that our tissues develope, we gain results in recovery – while resting…

Because of that the foundation of periodization should be the seek of recovery instead of intensive training.

Conflicting is also the mainstream idea of resting and recovering while being still and inactive throughout the day. Our whole system ( body & mind while shouldn’t split them) has been built or movement, specially thorughout the day. Todays inactive sociaty is infact preventing active recovery and rest by forcing us to sit or stand still.On top of that our hectic environment is creating lack quality and quantity of the crucial sleep that we need. And I don’t need to mention the food that is consumed…

All that and many many other matters are critical for movement and exercise to function as medicine.

This website focuses to produce our small portion of information for professionals for the possibility to create actual healthcare system to support our present sickcare system.

Hopefully that gives us possibility to avoid bankruptcy financially and humanely, where we are driven by our present society with inactivity and ”no pain no gain” attitude compannioden by sickacare system.





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